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Price List

These prices do not include taxes, and/or possible additional LABOR FEES* and/or 3rd PARTY PREVIOUS REPAIR ATTEMPT FEES**
Nintendo Switch Series Charge Port Replacement Starting at $100
PlayStation 5 HDMI Port Replacement $140
Xbox Series X HDMI Port Replacement $140
Xbox Series S HDMI Port Replacement $130
PlayStation 4 Series HDMI Port Replacement Starting at $90
Xbox One Series HDMI Port Replacement Starting at $90
PC Malware and Virus Detection and Removal $85
USB Flash Drive Repair (Data Recovery) Starting at $100
Samsung Galaxy Series Phone Screen Replacement (all models) Currently Not Being Performed
Valve Steam Deck (and other similar devices) USB-C Charge Port Replacement $130
All Laptop USB-C Charge Port Replacments $120
Miscellaneous Device (headphones, microphone, flashlight, 4K monitor, etc.) USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 & 4 Port Replacement Call For Pricing
Basic Circuit Soldering/Microsoldering and SMD Rework Repair Call For Pricing
GPU 12 or 16 Pin Melted or Broken Power Connector Replacement Starting at $300
iPhone X, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 Series Phone Screen Replacement Currently Not Being Performed Due To New OS Restrictions
iPad Screen Replacement (all models) Call for pricing
iPhone/iPad logic board connector repair $85 up to $300
Backlight repair solutions $75 up to $325
No power repair or not charging repair $85 up to $125
iPhone liquid damage (for data only) $375
Macbook repairs $175 up to $475
Repair diagnostics $45
* If you choose not to have a repair performed by us after inspection and diagnosis, a $45 fee will be charged for microscope inspection and basic diagnosis. ** If you or another repair shop has previously attempted a repair and failed or caused more damage, a Previous Repair Attempt fee of $65 will be added to the total repair fee(this is for the added time and labor of correcting 3rd party repair mistakes).